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Contacting with Investor

Connect to Enterprises and Partners

It starts with a big idea. Then, how do you expand it? You need the connections and the collaborative environment that can help accelerate your idea

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Services We Offer

1- Evaluation: evaluate the invention and the business plan for commercial potential, technical strength, and market potential.

2- Commercialization: locate funds, potential investors, mentors, and partners.

3- Negotiation: negotiate on behalf of an inventor to get the best deals and offers.

4- Legal Services: includes drafting non-disclosure and licensing agreements, legal consultation.

5- Intellectual Property Services: include patent search, drafting, validation, filing, and IP valuation.

6- Marketing: develop marketing strategies and marketing tools to promote your invention.

How we work

1- Submit Application: Application forms are available online for inventors, universities, and entrepreneurs to locate investors, business and commercialization opportunities. All applications and any other related documents are required to be submitted online. Arab Inventions Center (AIC) utilizes a system tool for receiving, managing and evaluating the applications. 
2- Evaluation and Screening: We evaluate the invention's application concerning its commercial viability by using certain criteria that include its  potential to become valuable in the market and the potential to enforce a patent, trade secret, or other intellectual property rights.
3- Identifying Potential Agents/Partners: We contact potential agents/partners who may be good fits for the project. 
4- Matchmaking: We organize matchmaking events between inventors, universities, entrepreneurs and investors and venture capitals. These events include conferences, round tables, business meetings, and exhibitions.
5- Negotiation: We facilitate negotiations between two parties. Arab Inventions Center (AIC) can represent one or more parties, or play a role as a neutral, third party, using its expertise to iron over disagreements and help to reach a win-win arrangement for both sides