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Contacting with Investor

Helping you find partners

Helping you find partners, and be updated with emerging technologies to improve your business.

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Services We Offer

1- Consulting Services: market analysis, market studies, competitors study, including strategic studies,project management and marketing consulting and feasibility studies.

2- Allocating Partners: locate licensees, franchisees, representatives and agents through our specialized and comprehensive databases, clients’ lists, and chambers of commerce and industries in different Arab countries.

3- Contacting Potential Partners/Agents: communicate and arrange meetings with potential partners/agents, through our experts operating out of 80 offices and 180 representative offices worldwide.

4- Negotiation: negotiate on behalf of international companies to get best deals and offers.

5- Legal Services: includes reviewing and drafting contracts; and also registrations related to franchise, agency, distribution and licensing, as well as corporate law.

6- Intellectual Property Services: includes patent and trademark filing and search.

7- Logistics, Accounting and Translation Services: arrange meetings, communication, accounting, and translation.

How we work

1- Submit Application: Application forms are available online for local and international firms and organizations to locate agents, distributors, franchisees and licensees in the Arab world. All applications and any other related documents are required to be submitted online. Arab Inventions Center (AIC) utilizes a system tool for receiving, managing, and evaluating the applications.
2- Market Research and Studies: We collect information about local companies interested in acting as distributors, licensees, franchisees, or agents, and then categorize these companies according to their field of interest. Information packets about each Arab country are available which describe demographics, economy, and other related information.
3- Identifying Potential Agents/Partners: We will contact potential agents/partners who may be good fits for the project.
4- Matchmaking: We organize matchmaking events between companies and local agents, such as conferences, round tables, business meetings, and exhibitions.
5- Negotiation: We facilitate negotiations between parties. Arab Inventions Center (AIC) can represent one or more parties, or play a role as a neutral, third party, using its expertise to iron over disagreements and help to reach a win-win arrangement for both sides