Mission and Objectives

Our Mission:

To mobilize knowledge by adapting principles which target TAGUCI students, inventors, industry exporters, traders, business entrepreneurs, and professional service providers that will lead towards achieving growth

Our Objectives:

We believe that the principles and theories of achieving growth are closely linked with the concept of competitiveness. AIC contributes to the competitiveness of the knowledge development and its impact in Global Economies by: 

1-Help innovative Arab entrepreneurs in protecting, marketing and commercializing their inventions/products.
2-Assist national and international companies, identify / allocate local agents, distributors, franchisees, and licensees; locally and regionally.
3-Facilitate technology transfer through licensing and franchising; assist SMEs in expanding their scope of businesses in the Arab countries by allocating the most suitable business partners, representatives and distributors. 
4-Provide investors with technology updates in the region.
5-Encourage collaboration between stakeholders in the region, and arrange the fit practice for the development and commercialization of technologies.
6-Provide inventors and entrepreneurs with professional services to develop their innovative products and/or services.