Our Services

1- Business Advisory 
Advise about the policies and procedures to do business in the Middle East region and what is required to establish companies, partnership or projects.

2- Commercialization  of invention
Connect entrepreneurs, inventors and investors in the region.
Inventor representation during negotiations to reach successful deals.

3- Commercial Mediation 
Locating funds and potential investors, arranging partnership, arranging joint ventures, locating distributors and agencies, valuation, franchising and licensing.

4- Intellectual Property Services
IP protection, patent search, patent drafting and valuation.

5- Legal Services
Drafting and reviewing contracts for licensing, franchising, agencies and partnerships. Registrations related to franchise, agency, distribution and licensing. Litigation.

6- Consulting Services
Market and feasibility studies, competitors study, market consulting, market research, market strategies.

7- Project development and management  
Economic studies, project assessment, office establishment, project management tools.

8- Professional Training
Professional training in the field of intellectual assets management, evaluation, licensing, accounting and others.