Arab Inventions Center

Our Services

1-Consulting Services:

Market analysis, market studies, competitors study, including strategic studies, project management and marketing consulting and feasibility studies.

2-Marketing and Commercialization Services:

Developing strategic marketing plans, marketing tools, locating funds, potential investors, mentors, partners, licensees, franchisees, representatives and agents through our specialized and comprehensive databases, client’s lists and chambers of commerce and industries in different Arab countries.

3-Communication Services:

Communicating and arranging meetings with potential partners/agents, through our experts operating out of 100 offices worldwide.


Negotiation on behalf of international companies to get the best deal. And negotiation on behalf of an inventor to get the best deal.

5-Legal services:

Includes reviewing and drafting contracts, and also registrations related to franchise, agency, distribution and licensing, as well as corporate law.

6-Intellectual Property Services:

Including patent filing and trademark search and filing, patent search, drafting, validation and filing and IP valuation.
7-Logistics, Accounting and Translation Services:

Arrange meetings, communication, accounting and translation.

8-Invention Evaluation Services:

Evaluate the invention and the business plan for its commercial potential, technical strength and potential to become valuable in the market.