Arab Inventions Center

Chairman's Message

In today’s world of rapid change and immense economic opportunities, innovation and new technologies are considered key drivers of economic growth and social progress. Emerging economies must carve out a place for themselves in this new world by nurturing, encouraging, and facilitating innovation and the acquisition and absorption of new technologies. It is therefore imperative to support inventors and investors who will open new horizons for emerging economies in the creation of knowledge and wealth.

In the 21st century, knowledge creation and communication technologies are essential sources of global competitiveness. Now is the time to introduce and foster experiential learning to the Arab world.

At The Arab Inventions Center, our main objective is to help cultivate a diversified knowledge economy by creating strong links between creative minds, business experts, and investors. This unique platform will seamlessly blend the needs of such an economy, including the patenting of ideas, building feasible prototypes, and launching finished products into the marketplace.
Major innovations in technology are often derived from small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We are certain that our thinkers and dreamers will contribute to this innovation by investing their time and endeavors at the Arab Inventions Center. We aim to assist in converting theories into inventions, and inventions into marketable products and thus help in shaping a more prosperous future for the Arab world.
We believe that prosperity of any nation starts with the nurturing and adaptation of creativity and innovation at both theoretical and practical levels. We think of the Arab Inventions Center as an incubator for the hopes and dreams of the Arab people.
In this quest for creating a weightless knowledge-based economy, it is my pleasure to share with you the launch of the Arab Inventions Center (AIC), as a platform to integrate into the world economy of the 21st century.

Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh